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Congratulations to the WTCC 2013 Champions! It was a hard fought series raced over 10 rounds of the worlds toughest tracks, spanning from Monza-Macau. Each round consisted of two 30 min races, with the second race being of a full reverse grid. With only twenty five points separating the drivers coming into the last round, the race was on for final positions and a chance to stand on  top the podium. Needless to say Macau never disappoints. Well done to all the drivers involved and we look forward to seeing you all at the next league (DTM16) starting on October 13th 2018. A link is provided above, so come  join us on our main communication channel,  don’t be shy come on in and say g’day….

WTCC 2013 League Champions

WTCC 2013 League Champions

WTCC 2013 final Results