Dirt rally burst onto the scene as the must have game to satisfy all those off road urges and thus began AusNZ racing dirty weekend challenge!

With the field now growing to more than 36 competitors, and steadily rising, rally is proving to be very popular within the group.

Dirt Rally 2.0, comes with the same challenges real drivers face, but without the potential consequences of injury and death.

The roads are narrow at times, requiring pinpoint accuracy which isn’t easy at the best of times, even more when you’re pushing 160kph and suddenly find yourself arriving to quickly at a section with slow, tight corners and a cliff edge on one side. With your sphincter able to crush diamonds as you attempt to navigate the area.

Cornering at the wrong angle can often produce unexpected results as you will, at some point, learn. Thoughts of how your clothes feel in a tumble dryer come to mind as your car rolls into the bushes. Or, if you have the luck I had, you’ll be unsighted by foliage coming into a corner and find yourself in a losing battle with a metal gate. “This will end your race!”

One of the innovations that Dirt Rally 2.0 brings is the deformation of the ground and highlighting the importance of the starting line on a stage. “It would be a lie to say that after a week of headlines we fully understand how and to what extent this ultimately affects the driving.

It appears after many passes, the soil hardens and so the route gets more difficult. Bumpy, but without giving us the impression that grooves are created from the tires of previous vehicles”.

To keep the group interest going, the Rally stages, locations and vehicles are changed weekly.

Hope to see you on track and if you are new and would like to come and join in the fun, follow this link. https://dirtrally2.com/clubs/club/157066/standings/current

Many thanks to Heath and the Crew for keeping this Team together Much love

Aaron O’brien