The Chinese Zodiac for 2019 is the year of the pig bringing with it fortune and personality…And thus from small beginnings AUSNZ RACING has moved focus from a R3E (Race Room Racing Experience) stand alone community and spread it wings to other titles of which Iracing is now on the scene.. A big thanks to Aaron O’brien’s forward thinking, unyielding commitment and careful planning. “Well done bloke”. The lemans 24h came to be the inaugural endurance race of 2019 for our young and enthusiastic community. With some of our best drivers on scene (Aaron O’brien, Benny Paine, John Bradshaw, Karl Hamilton, Phillip Booth, Steve Kasemets, Tony Higgs) taking place in a real time event which literally took 24 hours to complete and resulted in an outstanding result coming 3rd overall in their class. Absolutely stellar effort. “Well done guys”.

With more than a few months passed and the group growing steadily born from the overall success, word has spread through out the community and many others have jumped on in and joined what is now known as “Free content friday”. The nights have resulted in one of our more favourable events of fortune, fun and mayhem. If you wish to be apart of a light hearted, slightly tempered sim racing community then by all means please click the link provided here an come join the the fun, meet new friends and enjoy racing with like minded individuals.