Hello and welcome, I’m DDF Racer! simracing videos for you ! More specifically, I wear VR headset with a ridiculous sticker on the front and talk nonsense whilst attempting (and usually failing) to drive well.

The vast majority of my content currently features either rFactor 2 or RaceRoom Racing Experience and at the moment I’m taking part in the inaugural VLMC endurance series for rF2, driving the beautiful #67 Aston Martin GT3 for the Zansho team. From time to time I also step in as a commentator and lend my voice to the official broadcasts of the Virtual Endurance Championship, being based in Australia meaning I’m often available for those pesky European night shifts.



Although I was born and raised in the dreary grey of the North West UK, I’ve now been living in sunny Brisbane for several years and was lucky enough to stumble across the AUS-NZ Racing community in RaceRoom Racing Experience at the end of 2019. These guys are conveniently based in my timezone, are an absolute blast to hang out with and are bloody quick too! Since signing up for their weekly Tuesday Thunder events I’ve had some of the most enjoyable and closely fought online racing I’ve ever taken part in and can’t wait to get stuck in some more.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/danieldfinney



Also in 2019 I hit my first major milestone as a YouTuber when I reached 1k subscribers. It might not sound like much in the grand scheme of things, but for someone who only recently started making videos I couldn’t be more grateful for the community that I’ve built up and that surrounds my channel. A lot of the races I do and the ideas I come up with are directly inspired by my fellow simracers on my Discord, so make sure you head over there to get involved!

DISCORD: https://discord.gg/Hs9FdEk



This year I’m planning on building on these solid foundations by hosting even more DDF Racer community events, taking my video production to the next level and just simply putting out more quality simracing content on a more consistent basis. Hopefully you’ll be able to join me for the ride!

YOUTUBE:  https://youtube.com/ddfracer

Come and join us?