To join us on our discord group. Please fill out the contact form below. Invitations are sent via email.

We are a small and dedicated group of Sim-racers who are keen to see Sector3’s Raceroom Racing Experience expand in Australia and New Zealand region. While we are not limited to this sim or members from this area, our emphasis is to give like minded racers in these regions a place to meet/chat and race….all while having fun and not taking things too seriously! Formed originally as “BarknDogs” the group decided that a name that better represents our localtion should be implemented and in February 2018 the group changed it’s name to Aus-NZ Racing. We will continue on in the same “BarknDogs” spirit – where “Fun is No.1”

So, as long as you have a passion for Raceroom and Motorsport, have a sense of humour and dont take things too seriously – Aus-NZ Racing is your Home Of Raceroom Racing Experience Downunder!