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Who’s up for the challenge this week? 18 NOVEMBER 2018 – SDEMONNZ This Tuesday Aus-NZ Racing hosts another of our ever popular Tuesday Thunder events, and this week its sure to test out our “Heroes of the Virtual Tarmac” We take three somewhat over-hormoned classic powerhouses in the form of the GTO Classics and pit… Continue Reading



COME JOIN  OUR DISCORD CHANNEL , as it is our main communication platform and contains all the important announcements. Please click here to join us on discord!! Few tracks around the world scream motor racing like Imola, And even less  will be forever  steeped in tragedy surrounding the events of 94 that prompted major revisions to the track.… Continue Reading

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Last night saw the handing of the torch to our newest and obviously very talented driver “Kalen Chin” its always great to see new drivers enter our group and give our existing members a swift  kick to lift there game. “Kalen!  don’t forget fuel next time, no point being fast if you don’t finish”. Actually… Continue Reading

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GT3 CUP Impressive is a word that comes to mind, one of the best turn outs for a thunder event we have had thus far. From  the outset there was a cry of despair as our own JB’s choice of car and track made us all think of the pain to come. But true to… Continue Reading

DTM95 front camera angle facing front of car

Giuseppe’s ” HELL”

Race start time 7pm east and 9pm New Zealand CONTACT   What the hell were you thinking Gyppo ?, “love your work though,  pick a car and track and then don’t turn up to drive it “lol! Sucks to be everybody else , haha!   Tuesday 17th of JULY Tuesday Thunder -Giuseppe’s ” HELL” Server: AUSNZ… Continue Reading