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So as 2019 comes to and end we would like to thank all our members for getting involved throughout the year. Special thanks to those that took the time to organize events on a weekly basis for the benefit of all. (thank’s Guy’s

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Two rounds into the seasons has produced some interesting battles and some hard fought racing to say the least. Mid Ohio with its tight corners an undulating track created quite a challenge for the most part giving the drivers a good indication of what lays ahead.

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Anyone doubting Hermann Tilke’s ability to design anything other than a synthetic, cookie-cutter F1 venue should take a visit to the Bilster Berg Race Resort. Possibly his finest work, this exclusive private-members facility is probably the most deserving of the many tracks to boast of being a mini-Nürburgring, even if the real thing is itself only a few hours away.

Formula Raceroom 90
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The much anticipated Formula RaceRoom 90 is out! Designed to bring you back to the atmosphere of formula cars racing of the early 1990’s, the FR90 comes with three engine choices: V8, V10 and V12, each with their own characteristics, and of course, sound melodies:

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Volkswagen ID.R Time Attack

We at Sector3 Studios were very proud when Volkswagen Motorsport entrusted us with carrying a project that consisted in several firsts for us: It is the first appearance of a fully electric race car in the RaceRoom simulator, and our team has worked miracles to deliver physics and sound engines modifications to support this. It is also the first time that we have worked on creating a virtual rendition of a car that didn’t exist yet.

Porche 962 Jolst
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The Group C class needs hardly any introduction to racing fans and The Porsche 911 Carrera Cup (964) aka “The Growler” was manufactured between 1990 and 1994 and used in the Carrera Cup series during those years.

The legendary Nissan R90CK is a Group C race car built for competition in the World Sportscar Championship (WSC) in 1990 and the North American IMSA GT Championship later on.
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This specific 962 was developed by Joest Racing, who nicknamed it the “Doppelflügel”, “Double-wing”, in reference to its new rearwing, and is equipped with a 5-speed gearbox, a 750 HP twin-turbo charged engine at an approximate weight of 950 kg, producing top speeds close to 350 km/h.