“Iconic is a word that pretty much some’s up the Australian track of Mt Panorama at Bathurst. Whether you race there in real life (IRL) or visit it from a cockpit from home. It just never gets old!”

Sporting a field of 32 drivers, mixing both GT3 and GT4 classes the stage was set for an event to test one’s skill and mental toughness. The first endurance race of the year took place at the infamous Mt Panorama . “No shock there!” With practice over way to quick and nerves and jitters starting to build for the newly initiated it was left to see if early front runners could maintain it for 2hours. “Daniel D Finney, Kalen Chin and Daniel Waddell ” all set blistering times for the GT4 class leaving it for the GT3’s to go one better. “Dave Smart, Dylan Pro and Robert Haines” were all showing good pace leading into qualify. Twenty minutes was given to each category to separate the session thus determining grid position for 120 minutes of pure fun.

Needless to say results of qualify gave no huge surprises albeit an upset here and there. With the GT3 class lead by Heath Cockram, Robert Haines and Dylan Pro. First, Second and Third respectively and GT4 taken in the form of Brodie Steen, Kalen Chin and Daniel D Finney aka (DDF RACER).

With hell corner causing no issues “how good was that”, I would be more than a little surprised to say that it would not be Bathurst without a bit of chaos. At close to 1.5 tonne traveling close to 240 klm heading to Griffins bend , first lap nerves, cold brakes and tyres …”You can see where I am going with this right?” With that out of the way, some breathing sigh’s of relief, others probably using words I can’t mention here. The drivers fell into a rhythm that lasted the duration. “I would have to say it was some of the most respectful driving I have seen and privileged to be apart of. “Thanks guy’s lots of fun.”

If you would like to join us for some racing by all means just click here to come say G’day…

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