With a line up of 51 cars and a daunting 12 hours ahead comprising of a midday start and midnight finish. The guy’s at AUSNZ put in a great show at the Iracing Bathurst 12 hour. Obviously a big thumbs up to team “1” who brought it home in first place. “Great racing well done to the teams first place awesome!!” Ocker… Also a big shout out to team 2 comprising of Deanne Crabbe, Phillip Booth and Russ Hall who all embodied the spirit of racing by continuing even when the chips were down finishing 22nd. (Car was broken). “Also good job to Boothy and the boyz, I guess thats just racing at Bathurst and there will always be better luck around the corner…well done all!” Stevo..

It seemed like a natural progression with third in 2019, A first position this year. The bar has been set to bring home two podium cars next year I suppose. It was awesome to hear the relief in the guys voice’s at the end of the race , you could here the elation and emotion. Was truly a well deserved win ….

iracing winners

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