Summer is always a trying time for sim racing, as the day’s heat up and one takes the awkward steps outside the dungeon to the great out doors. Thirty degrees and sweltering. Still the promise of a cold Beer and barbeque brightens one’s day.

So as 2019 comes to and end we would like to thank all our members for getting involved throughout the year. Special thanks to those that took the time to organize events on a weekly basis, for the benefit of all. (thank’s Guy’s).. The road ahead is looking promising with significant changes to Raceroom as above and with AMS2 coming to us 2020 things are looking up indeed.

A special thankyou to all the guys at JustRace for there tireless work on there match making system. With continued support it will most surely be instrumental in us all getting the most out of our chosen pass time. (thankyou to Jay Turn GB, DaVex and B1KERau . Great job guy’s ).

As things slow down a bit over the coming month as Christmas approaches AUSNZ RACING wishes you a safe and merry Christmas and hope you all receive those pieces of sim racing hardware you have been hinting at to wife and family a like.. (hehe). Needless to say we have already been putting events together so 2020 kicks off with a bang to make full use of your new toy’s.

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Actually could not help myself, the 2019 Porsche GT3 is one of the best handling , sounding and looking cars in Raceroom, highly recommended . 🙂 Just jump on in and put this one on your Christmas list for sure….Simple just works.

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