*Car choice is up to the Individual (V8, V10 ,V12) or predetermined by joining a team.

There will be 10 x 2 car teams available. Two drivers will run per team, and a different livery for each team member issued on a first come first serve basis. Drivers can match themselves up to the individuals with a maximum of 20 grid positions available. One off entries in the single car teams are available to anyone who can’t commit to the full season they can choose a single car team so they don’t let their teammate down.

 START TIME 20.30 AEST / 22.30 NZ

Note: If you can’t make a race you have to give notice at least one hour before the event starts, by letting us know on discord, so somebody else gets a chance to join.

Joining our Discord channel is required , as it is our main communication platform and contains all important announcements. Being in the “Race” voice channel during an event is mandatory for the driver briefing and in case of technical difficulties. You are not required to speak (just listen) but it would be good to hear your voice … Just click the image below to join us!


Drivers can report incidents to the steward. For a report to be investigated it needs to contain relevant information. Drivers can only report incidents that affected themselves directly.
Stewards enquiries will begin the day after a race and will be open for submission for 24 hours after race day.
The stewards decision cannot be appealed.


Depending on the severance of the incident, the race stewards will hand out penalty points, which will be subtracted from the drivers championship points. Stewards decisions will be announced on discord.

*By participating in the championship you agree, that your name may be exposed on live broadcasts, videos, articles, news items and other posts on the website and social media.

   *Note: Rules and regulations subject to change at admin discretion.

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