Update details:
Download size = ca 100 MB
Client version = 
Client BuildID = 3764446


  • Added Volkswagen ID.R “Long Tail”.


  • Added support for electric engines with energy regeneration under braking
  • Fixed the suspension damage icon that had found its way into yesterday’s update

Some things to know as it might be weird at first :

  • This is probably not relevant as the car is currently only available in competition mode, with rolling starts, but the startup of the car is something very particular. It is a 20 seconds (-ish) sequence of fans spooling up and battery turning on. You can try turning it off and on again to hear it, put the volume up to hear the true startup sequence of the ID.R.
  • The gearbox has 4 modes: R, N, D, S.
    • D = normal drive
    • S = drive with energy regeneration (under braking) (not so relevant in competition mode for now)
    • The car is artificially limited to 250kph as it’s not efficient for the battery to attempt to fight the drag at higher speeds than that
  • The current simulation and physics are based on theoretical data as it’s only been existing on computers until today. In the last days they decided to also throw in a DRS system that we didn’t have time to implement. This means that after they actually have their real life record attempt done, we’ll get the actual data and update the car accordingly. It will be interesting to see how far we end up.

Source: (
https://forum.sector3studios.com/index.php?threads/raceroom-patchnotes-thread.261/page-6#post-177194 )

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