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Sporting a field of nineteen battle harden driver’s the scene was set for a show down that none could predict and Wow! if you were there last week then you surely get what I mean when I say “that was some of the best head to head battles I have seen .” Not to mention that the race craft was spot on, but also reminiscing over the epic position changes and challenges spawned throughout the race leaving most gasping for breath and gripping there steering wheels with vice like intention.

1000th of a sec seperating drivers
Four drivers contesting position

If that was what Moscow had to offer! then god help us all at Motegi. WTCC17 still proving once again why it is one of the more popular classes in Raceroom . Its just a class that always brings that door to door and pillar rubbing action that insinuate’s a greater sense of realism and depth. With our sessions set to fixed setup parity has been brought to bare resulting in a tightening of the field and turning 10th to 100th’s to 1000th’s of second intervals between competitor’s. So by all means fire up the PC and we will see you all track-side for another Sunday Session. “See you there!”

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