Ok ! WE ARE BACK IN ACTION , with our resident league manager @Aaron O’Brien (Sticky) , he will soon be re- initiating the league side of our Rally and incorporating round robin super stages for your dirty pleasure ….Don’t know about you, but i’m super fired up for what’s installed for us. Rallies are driven on surfaces ranging from gravel and tarmac to snow and ice, producing white knuckle fever and cold sweats often leading to disastrous ends off the side of a cliff or wedged between seeded trees. That look from your copilot as he distorts your name into various and sometimes distasteful variants just before the final impact is some what unique to rally.

join us on discord Icon

Not quite sure we can put ourselves in the same category as such names as Sébastien Loeb, Colin McRae, Petter Solberg  as legends they surely are. But none the less, with the addition of some home grown tracks and more realistic game play its time to carve your name among’st the immortals.

So if your passionate about Rally and love a challenge then by all means click the discord link above and come join us. Being that stages and events are on a more global scale rather than being time zone pacific it creates an opportunity as where different nationality’s can challenge one another without trying to meet tight and sometimes inconvenient deadlines. So what are you waiting for ? Come join the fun !

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