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DTM 05


With the first round of the champions league completed I would like to commend all the drivers on there excellent race craft with minimal incidents. “well done guys!”
Hockenheim steeped in history with the DTM class has always produced some of the most intense and exciting races. Taha Malih was in a class of his own on this particular occasion and took a well deserved win to take maximum points in the opening round. The AMG DTM 05 possibly one of the best produced cars in Raceroom has to be driven on a knife edge to get the most out of it! It commands 100 percent concentration and any lapse will result in disaster. With rounds running a full 60 minute duration and drivers at maximum attack incidents will happen.

Dtm 05 on track

Kalen Chin had a couple of moments with the car stepping sideways producing a harrowing moment which could of ended his race for the evening, fortunately for him he managed to recover unscathed and crossing the line in second position. Romeo Scarfo fell victim to engine damage thus ending what potentially could of been a very good result. Thus the unpredictability of racing “the unknown element” has a way of rearing its head and produces unexpected results. One mans misfortune often creates another’s fortune! In this case taking 3rd position was yours truly ” Heath Cockram”. John Bradshaw and Giuseppe Ricci both produced solid performances for the night bringing it home in 4th and 5th places respectively, albeit John just avoiding a coming to Jesus moment on the first corner mid way through the race. Unfortunately Pete Taekema fell victim to a connection loss . “don’t forget to get those logs looked at Pete!” Anthony Cesana was a another driver that put in a great drive to collect some well deserved and valuable points. “well done champ”.

With a couple of months of rest and a chance to regain focus we move to Imola in the open wheel class FR2. Once again the scene is set for a battle of the titans event and with a new damage model in play drivers will have to be at there best to avoid an early retirement, “look forward to seeing you all there…”


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