Autodrom Most is coming to RaceRoom, which was the last missing piece of the puzzle for the ADAC GT Masters Calendar. And the good news just keeps on coming with the ADAC GT Masters and RaceRoom continuing their partnership, and as a result we are bringing you a 2018 Season update of the cars in RaceRoom. So with that in mind I can think of no better reason to do the 2019 calendar with these spectacular new liveries. We are also excited to announce that 5000 vrp will be on offer as a random draw to all those that compete in the series. “Wow! how cool is that !” Click the link below to be apart of something special. The first complete ADAC GT Masters league at Raceroom….

Discord logo

An 80 percent attendance is required to be eligible.

The ADAC  series  will be run throughout the year in 2019, Run on a Saturday AEDT at 8pm / 10 pm NewZealand.

Each round will comprise of 1 x 60 min race. Setups will be open, There will be a 15 minute practice and a 5 min qualify session. This will give a total time of 80 minutes. The endurance round which even though out side the calendar, will be held at Nordshleife 90 mins long with a 10 min Practice and 20 min qualify time giving a total race time of 120 mins.

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