SteamVR Updated – 1.2.7 Today we’re promoting all the updates from version 1.2.7 in SteamVR Beta to the default version of SteamVR.

Update Highlights
This update was primarily composed of bug fixes, stability improvements, and general housekeeping, but we also shipped a new environment to SteamVR Home, to celebrate the arrival of winter and the new year:

SteamVR Announcement    21 Dec, 2018SteamVR Home: Winter Peak Happy holidays, hope everyone is staying warm! To celebrate the season, we’re shipping a new SteamVR Home environment – Winter Peak .

Full Update Notes

  • Improved SteamVR’s behavior when vrserver crashes. The user will be prompted to restart and all other processes will exit instead of requiring the user to kill things in Task Manager.
  • Improved SteamVR’s behavior when launching a game standalone before SteamVR is up and running. Mirror window flashing and various other potential problems have been fixed.
  • Improved SteamVR’s restart behavior when plugging in an HMD after starting SteamVR.
  • Disable motion smoothing in desktop theater
  • Prevents the extended-mode window for custom IVRVirtualDisplay-based drivers.


  • Motion Smoothing performance improvements.

SteamVR Input:

  • Fixed black screen in the binding and tracker management UI when the language is set to Korean.
  • Fixed issue with dpad modes on trackpads and joysticks when bringing up the SteamVR Dashboard.
  • Changed SteamVR Input to forget action manifest paths set by applications once quit. This fixes input issues in applications like COMPOUND when users opt-in to a test branch that supports SteamVR Input, then switch back to the legacy build. A side effect of this change is that SteamVR Input apps need to be running for the user to edit that app’s controller bindings. An update is in the works to fix this new issue

Skeletal Input:

  • Added workaround for index finger appearing to be stuck down with knuckles controllers. Proper fix coming in next firmware update


  • Fixed a crash if the vrpathregistry was missing or populated with bogus data
  • Fixed vrmonitor failing to detect if the HMD was connected through direct mode
  • Unified mirror window debug input behaviour with Windows.
  • Gpuvis hotkey was changed from F6 to F7 to avoid conflict with existing Windows binding.
  • Fixed a hang when launching SteamVR
  • Fixed a Steam client crash when launching SteamVR
  • Fixed HMD images flickering after an extended playsession

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