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Following the success of our first endurance race, the second round  see’s us head  off to Paul Ricard.  This week we are mixing it up with the  GT2 and P1 vehicles and should prove to be another challenging event. With both classes  not battle tested at any length around this track it should be and interesting combination to say the least. Needless to say the two classes are not strangers to this track in real life by any means,  but  relatively new to us in raceroom,  especially with the new and improved  physics. With the advent of new tyre modelling another factor that will now need to be considered, along with the addition of extra compounds a much larger dynamic has been brought into play.  “So do you go with the soft compound or sacrifice laps times using the hard compound. Light or heavy fuel load ? ” with many variables at hand “I hope you have done some testing “..Either way look forward to seeing you at the next round….

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