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This Saturday see’s us head off to Raceroom raceway (bridge circuit) for the last league race of the year 2018. This round will be interesting to say the least as we tackle it with the revised physic’s of the Judd and Carlson. Slow down, cut track penalties will be back on the agenda and should throw that little bit of extra spice into the race and thus curving those that like to abuse track limits. “Hehe! you have been warned”.  The Admin  having been working tirelessly on some one off events to see us through the holiday period, before we kick the tyres and light the fires in 2019. So no need to worry! still plenty of adrenaline pumping, rubber burning , fuel sniffing action ahead. Some endurance races are set to hit the seen with multiple classes involved to help curve those cravings before the onset of Christmas. Looking forward to catching you all there….

BMW JUDD Hill climb Icon


Carlsson Hill climb icon

The DB engines are currently used in hillclimb, recently powering Reto Meisel to the Swiss Hillclimb championship, and single seater applications such as the Dallara GP 2 chassis, campaigned by a Boss GP customer.

BMW Judd V8 motor


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