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This Tuesday Aus-NZ Racing hosts another of our ever popular Tuesday Thunder events, and this week its sure to test out our “Heroes of the Virtual Tarmac”

We take three somewhat over-hormoned classic powerhouses in the form of the GTO Classics and pit our racers skills around the iconic circuit known  for one particular feature – “The Corkscrew”  Yes!  we are heading off to Laguna Seca for a bout of wheelspins, missed corners and general shenanigans! and of course we will throw in our now famous pace car – just to throw a spanner in the works and cause even more chaos!

So – who will take up the challenge? Who will spear off into the desert like sand traps?, and who will master “The Corkscrew” to become our Tuesday Thunder Champion?

It could be YOU! – come along and join the fun!

Cant make it to race – grab your mobile and watch it unfold live on Youtube (search Aus-NZ Racing) like and subscribe for future streams. Aus-NZ Youtube Channel.

Regards Chris.

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