Tuesday Thunder

Discord is our main communication platform and contains all important announcements. So come on in and say G’day.

tuesday thunder flyer with image of the bmw 235I

This  week started with the gang heading to Salzburing in the touring classics. The field almost totally comprised of the Nissan GTR with the odd Volvo and BMW thrown in amongst the mix.  Running the traditional pace car at this event is what makes this round a little special and  thus it helps keep the group compact and produces a lot of door to door action. Tuesday Thunder has become the groups signature event. We encourage all our new drivers to participate and get to know one another, most of all just have fun. Click the discord link at the top of the page to come on in and say G’day.

Hill Climbs

Hill climb icons at raceroom raceway

The first round of hill climbs took us to Raceroom Raceway Classic,

RaceRoom Raceway is a 3.8 km long fictional track inspired by the French Alps. Main features of the track include elevation changes, two blind off-camber corners and a couple of very fast chicanes. It is a track that is easy to learn, but very hard to master.

“man there was some hard paced action there” I don’t know about you but the mercury was pushing about  30 degree C here and by the end of the race the sweat was pouring out . There was absolutely no down time on this track and everyone was working hard,  all be it was lots of fun ..looking forward to the next round.


Honda wtcr for Ausnz racing raceroom flyer

The Sunday sessions saw us tackle the East course of the Suzuka circuit in the mighty Honda, it proved to be a challenging circuit in deed,  with little room for error and limited places to over take. Starts still seem to remain a problem and race stewards will need to sort that out. But as usual fun is number one  so maybe just a small tweak here and there. So I do invite all Raceroom fans to come along and say g’day,   drop into our discord channel and get involved… See you soon!


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