Hill climb icons at raceroom raceway

Just click the link below to come join the fun

https://discord.gg/SHXyZXZ is our main communication platform and contains all important announcements. So come on in and say Gday.

AUS/NZ RACING is a  small and dedicated group of Sim-racers who are keen to see Sector3’s Raceroom Racing Experience expand in Australia and New Zealand. While we are not limited to members from these areas, our emphasis is to give like minded racers in these regions a place to meet/chat and race….all while having fun and not taking things too seriously! Formed originally as “BarknDogs” the group decided that a name that better represents our location should be implemented and in February 2018 the group changed it’s name to Aus-NZ Racing. We will continue on in the same “BarknDogs” spirit – where “Fun is No.1” So, as long as you have a passion for Raceroom and Motorsport, have a sense of humour and don’t take things too seriously  Aus-NZ Racing is your Home Of Raceroom Racing Experience Downunder.



If you can’t make a race you have to give notice at least one hour before the event starts, by letting us know on discord, so somebody else gets a chance to join.
We are going to race the HILL CLIMB over 5 Saturday’s. You will need one of the cars from that pack to participate. If you do not currently own one or all of them you can either purchase the pack or you can wait until the Saturday  of the race and purchase that car.

Run on a Saturday AEDT at 7pm 9pm NewZealand over 5 Weeks.

Each round will comprise of 2 race, First one being 25 min then a second 25 min race being a full a reverse grid. Setups will again be fixed, there will be no practice session and a 20 minute qualify session. This will give a total time of 70 minutes.

RACEROOM CLASSIC                  OCTOBER 27th
RACEROOM NATIONAL                  NOVEMBER 10th
RACEROOM SPRINT                  NOVEMBER 17th
RACEROOM GP                  NOVEMBER 24th
RACEROOM BRIDGE                  DECEMBER 1st



Mode:  Get Real

Fuel:  On

Tyre wear:  On

Cut Rules:  OFF

Mandatory Pit stop:  Off

Mechanical Damage:  Off

Wrecker prevention: ON

Race Finish duration :120 seconds

Practice:  NA

Qualifying: 20 mins

Warm up none

Race 1:  25 mins

Race 2 : 25 mins (Reverse grid):  YES

Judd V8, 560bhp engine revving to over 10,000, rpm

JOINING OUR DISCORD CHANNEL IS REQUIRED , as it is our main communication platform and contains all important announcements. Being in the “Race” voice channel during an event is mandatory for the driver briefing and in case of technical difficulties. Just click here to join our discord channel


Drivers can report incidents to the steward. For a report to be investigated it needs to contain relevant information. Drivers can only report incidents that affected themselves directly.
Steward enquiries will begin the day after a race and will be open for submission for 24hours after race day.
The stewards decision cannot be appealed.

A look under the bonnet of the BMW Judd



Depending on the severance of the incident, the race stewards will hand out penalty points, which will be subtracted from the drivers championship points.
Steward decisions will be announced on discord.
By participating in the championship you agree, that your name may be exposed on live broadcasts, videos, articles, news items and other posts on the website and social media.

*Note: Rules and regulations subject to change at admin discretion.

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