The WTCR technical regulations cater for front-wheel-drive, four/five-door saloons or hatchbacks using turbocharged production engines with a capacity of between 1750-2000cc and with a maximum power output of 350bhp.

I have to say so far the  WTCR has produced some of the closest racing to date bringing unparalleled parity to the group. With the combination  of one manufacturer and fixed setup,  it really is a fun series.

Tracks like Monza  are  true testament to speed,  being unmatched around the world for its sense of history and passion, fuelled in part by its long history and also the fanaticism of the Italian fans, the tifosi.  The atmosphere here is like no other.

I have attached a video to  show case just  how close the racing is, well done to everyone that   participated and look forward to seeing you all at the next round….


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* We do expect all drivers to treat each other with courtesy and respect.


WTCR round 3 scoring /results

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