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Relative new comer to “AUSNZ” Kalen Chin is currently over sea’s taking part in IAME International series in go karting (X30) .     11 year old Kalen Chin has been driving karts since he was four years of age. In 2014, he started racing across Asia and In 2017, he moved up to the Junior class (125cc).

Racing karts can be very tough, physically and emotionally. Sim racing is not very physical, but it also can be hard emotionally.

On thursday the 11th of October 2018 , After a great first day, pushing up in both heats, he had major setbacks in 3 heats on Friday. A DNF (ignition coil failure on formation ),  another resulting setback added to his woe’s was getting punted off into the midfield, and receiving a contact penalty for someone deliberately brake checking him. Saturday is final day of heats and chance to make the finals on Sunday, “AUSNZ wishes Kalen all the best!” and hopefully has a resounding result.

The Event of The Year reaches its 7th edition. On the wave of the success of the ’17 edition and according to the incredibly increased number of countries hosting IAME Series and main IAME events awarding drivers with tickets to participate in the IAME International Final, new criteria have been introduced to select the Warriors that will be able to join the Arena of Le Mans. Only the top drivers from each country are in fact allowed to participate, only the very best and the very brave will have the possibility to try to step on the highest step of the IAME International Final podium. A great show is expected as the highest level of Karting drivers will be concentrated in this unique event. X30 Mini, X30 Junior, X30 Senior, X30 Master, X30 Super, X30 Super Shifter classes will fill the grids of the 4 days races, for a Karting spectacle never seen before, live broadcasted from the beginning of the qualifying heats. (source:http://www.remoracing.com.au/events/x30-world-final)

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