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Few tracks around the world scream motor racing like Imola, And even less  will be forever  steeped in tragedy surrounding the events of 94 that prompted major revisions to the track. Despite this,  it remains one of the most exiting and atmospheric tracks of the modern era. Chosen by our very own “Ocker” the stage was set for 30 min’s of pure thunder, eighteen drivers took  grid to take battle on this iconic circuit and  with GTR2 being the weapon of choice,  it made  a excellent car and track combination. I honestly don’t think i would do it justice or even hope to give you a detailed insight to the events that unfolded,   the video displayed  tells the story on it’s own, I hope you enjoy it.

Congratulations to the  podium, well done guys!! “Ha!ha!, looks like you will have to watch below to see the results”.

Look forward to seeing all the crew at our next event, even more so,  looking forward to seeing “you!” there…..

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