The 2018 World Touring Car Cup (WTCR) takes over from the World Touring Car Championship. With (HYUNDAI, AUDI, CUPRA, ALFA ROMEO, PEUGEOT, HONDA and  VOLKSWAGON.)

The first round of the Sunday Session’s  was an absolute cracker of an event, the marriage of car track combination was absolutely spot on.  Tough, intense and white knuckle fever was one way to put it.  The other way was, ” it was just a whole lot of fun”.

The WTCR event is run over 7 Sunday’s (note: no racing will occur on the Bathurst Weekend). You will need all of the cars from that pack to participate. Just click here to join us on Discord. “Don’t be shy! come on in and say G’day”.

I have to admit I’m a bit lost for words for this one, maybe watch the video below to get a better understanding. As always congratulations to all the podium. Looking forward to the next round and more so, looking forward to seeing you there…

Track History,

Zhuhai was the first permanent motor racing facility in China and has become a centre for the local racing scene, as well as a semi-regular fixture on the international racing circuit.

Its origins lie in the wildly popular street races held in downtown Zhuhai City in the mid-1990s. The opening up of parts of China, including the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone, to western-style market forces created a burgeoning middle class for whom motor racing – and its glitz and glamour – was an attractive prospect. Close proximity to Macau and Hong Kong also made for a more knowledgeable crowd than other parts of China, so it was no surprise that the early street races for GT cars attracted crowds of up to 200,000.




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