Last night saw us head off to “SUZUKA” for the eighth  round of the WTCC 2013 league. Considered one of the world’s most demanding and rewarding motor racing circuits. It packs a mix of almost every type of corner into a remarkably small space. Rated highly  among’st drivers mainly because it is one of the few circuits these days which still presents a legitimate challenge. It has also gained world recognition because of its unusual figure-of-eight layout. After a great qualifying session ” Andre”  fell victim to what we can only surmise was  the dreaded TCP reconnect which effectively finished is involvement for the night, “hey Andre! better make sure no extra processes are running in the background”. With tyre’s holding out, fuel was the biggest concern for most of the field, with drivers short shifting and lifting off  when ever they could to conserve enough to make it home without pitting.  Needless to say some had elected to  dive for a splash an dash as part of there strategy.  In race one this saw “Ryiane” get relegated back through the field an thus hurting his challenge for a top five position.  After a quick rethink and new tactics in mind he elected for the no stop and unfortunately paid a heavy price by running short of the finish line.  It almost seems appropriate that a Honda at its home circuit should and did take line honor’s. After a long drought our very own  Felix Kuperman ” also running on vapours”  took center stage to bring it home in both race’s. “Well done champ”. Congratulation to all the podium and a valiant effort by all. With two rounds remaining and points getting very close indeed,  we will be watching with interest as to who will be our WTCC league champions for 2018.

Race one results round 8 for WTCC at suzuka
Race two results round 8 for WTCC at suzuka

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