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Sonoma Raceway is at Sonoma in northern California, around an hour north of San Francisco.The circuit is located a short distance from Highway 37. If travelling from San Francisco, take US 101 towards San Rafael, then merge onto Highway 37 east toward Vallejo. Travel 8 miles until you reach the intersection of Highways 37 and 121, then turn left onto Highway 121 toward Sonoma. The circuit entrance is a mile along 121 on the left hand side. Parking is available at the circuit. After following the specific directions above. “hehe” the drivers arrived last Saturday night the 8/9/18  with fire in there eyes and a will to tackle this challenging circuit. The current format has provided many challenges that are track specific, “Pit, don’t pit, do I need just tyre’s? will the fuel go the distance? all these aspect need to be considered every time.” With that said, it was some of best racing had thus far. No need for me to go into great detail as you can watch for yourself below. Needless to say congratulations to the podium and we look forward to the next round as we head off to Suzuka!!!

Leaderboard current standings for WTCC 2013

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