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Round 4 of the AUSNZ Bathurst 1000 was held on Saturday the first of September, with 18 drivers taking position on the starting grid the stage was set for another grueling test of man versus machine. Early front runner Marc De Haro was a victim of the dreaded loss of force feedback, letting our own Phillip and Jay take the lead and set the tone for many laps. Flix0 maintaining and keeping a cool head on his shoulders was chipping away at the leaders to eventually take lead position only to pass the torch to Romeo who drove an outstanding race to eventually bring it home from the rear of the field, Congratulations to the podium. Romeo Scarfo, John Bradshaw and Felix Kuperman ( Also fastest lap of the race). Incidents were plenty with Gyppo putting it on the roof in the Bentley and high drama as the lights went green added that little bit of extra to a other wise satisfying event. Well done to everyone that attended. “Catch you all next round”.

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