Welcome to the first of many Sunday Sessions initiated by our very own JB. I would like to thank John for taking the time to piece together another event for our enjoyment.  Definitely shaping up to be a  fun series. “well done bloke”. We are going to race the WTCR over 7 Sunday’s (note: no racing will occur on Bathurst Weekend). You will need all of the cars from that pack to participate. If you do not currently own one or all of them you can either purchase the pack or you can wait until the Sunday of the race and purchase that car.

Each round will comprise of 2 race’s, First one being 18 mins then a second 25 min race being of a full a reverse grid. Setups will again be fixed, there will be no practice session and a 20 minute qualify session. This will give a total time of 63 minutes.

Registration is via raceapp, please click HERE to register…….

JOINING OUR DISCORD CHANNEL IS REQUIRED , as it is our main communication platform and contains all important announcements. Being in the “Race” voice channel during an event is mandatory for the driver briefing and in case of technical difficulties.


1 Zhuhai
2 Paul Richard Solution 3C
3 Monza GP
4 Norisring
5 Suzuka East Course
6 Slovakia
7 Hockenheimring GP

  • (Hyundai I30 N)
    (Peugeot 308)
    (Alfa Romeo Giulietta)
    (Volkswagen Golf GTI)
    (Honda Civic)
    (Audi RS 3 LMS)

The FIA World Touring Car Cup (known as the FIA WTCR presented by Oscaro for sponsorship reasons) is an international touring car championship promoted by Eurosport Events and sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), as the highest class of competition for touring cars.

And when it all goes wrong

By participating in the championship you agree, that your name may be exposed on live broadcasts, videos, articles, news items and other posts on the website and social media.

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