It has been a long time between drinks with my Pit Reports and it is time to give you an update what has and will be happening in our racing community. The Aus/NZ Racing community has seen some growth over the past few months and we are getting large grid turn outs on our favourite Tuesday Thunder events.

We are all sad to hear that one of our founding members Paul Darke, will be no longer be actively racing with us online for valid personal reasons. The good thing is that Paul is still in touch and we will hope to see him back here in the future. For one last hurrah, the community will be doing one last race with Paul on the 4th September, to ensure he receives a fitting sim racer good bye. From all us at Aus/NZ Racing, we thank you for your effort and time in developing a great community to what is today.

Tuesday Thunder at Indianapolis in Formula Racing US

We had a large turn out for the FR-US cars at the famous Indianapolis raceway. These turbo fuel hungry cars can be a hand full in the inexperienced driver, such as me. I had never turned a wheel until moments before the race and it was a very steep learning curve to get within a few seconds of the front runners.


The top four qualifiers were within nine-hundreds of a second with John Bradshaw and Ben Crabb doing 1:11.923 and 1:11.996 respectively, 0.073 second gap.


We had a standing start that is unusual for these cars in the real world but it all appeared to be minimal incidents on the first lap.

The safety car came out at the half way point and bunched up the field again for a rolling start back on the main banked straight. This contributed to a few incidents around the in-field of the track. It was reported during the race one or two wings were on the track, no doubt due to very close racing.

Congratulations to Brodie and the other podium winners. As always, all that participated loved the close clean racing and I believe this what makes this community great and why people return for more fun racing. Best race lap goes to John Bradshaw. View all the race results over on the RaceApp website.

Race Winners:

  1. Brodie Steen (1.11.184)
  2. John Bradshaw (1:11.112)
  3. Marc De Haro (1:11.299)

If you want to be part of the racing and enjoy racing other online, then feel free to join us on Discord to learn more on how to participate in the fun.


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