Quite possibly the race  of the year thus far in terms of true grit an pure fun.  “Wow! that was  such a rush”.  I commend all the drivers on there race craft, it dosn’t get any closer than that, It was just nose to tail action especially in the second race. Brodie made his presence known and punched out a high 1.48.907 during qualify. “Great lap Brodie “. needless to say taking line honors in both races and taking everyone to school. We can all take pride in the fact that he did have to work for it a bit. But needless to say an impressive drive.  Well done to all the Podium. Next round see’s a head off to Sonoma Raceway ( WTCC ), should be another interesting challange indeed. Top three at the moment.  John Bradshaw, Heath Cockram and Chris Mackenzie.

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