GT3 cup car

Impressive is a word that comes to mind, one of the best turn outs for a thunder event we have had thus far. From  the outset there was a cry of despair as our own JB’s choice of car and track made us all think of the pain to come. But true to form once again he proved us wrong with some of the best racing of the year. “Great combo John”. With the  inaugural debut of  AUSNZ’s live stream there came a whole new dynamic that  was put into action and in my mind was a streaming success. ” No pun intended, lol”.  With all the banter of discord just added that little extra something to the stream that made it a very enjoyable to view.

It’s really nice to see everyone is enjoying there racing and just having a great time in general. A big thankyou to all our members for making this such a fun group. “Well done guys”.

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