With lap times falling and the group getting noticeably  closer in pace  we head to the 3rd round of the 1000. Certainly a huge task,  as the mountain looms  and casts  shadows before us, with growing  expectation only one question lays unanswered . Who will stand on the podium  this weekend ?

The calendar for the for next Tuesday thunder. DTM 2016 at Portimao GP has the been set by our very own OZ heat . From 7 pm till 8 pm the 7th of August, the DTM teams and drivers will battle it out for  points and race wins,  the first DTM  race of the year, Could this be a prelude to a bigger event? “who knows”.

The next stop for the teams and drivers see’s us head off to Salzburging for our WTCC  league which is  proving amongst the drivers  as  a most challenging event . With the top 3 drivers, Phillip Booth, Mohamed Riyane El Mouslih, John Bradshaw respectively. Can they hold on to their tenuous lead, or  will they crumble from mounting pressure? Watch this space for further details.

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