That was Awsome! , well done to everyone. That was some of the best racing I’ve had in ages. First corner incidents were at a all time best “ZERO”,  the way we like it. The racing was tough an gnarly. The banter was fast and furious and the driving skill and race craft was world standard. Commiserations to some of our international and local brothers that suffered the epic ping drop. Something that will be always unavoidable with online racing. All in all it was a fantastic event with very few casualties. Next round see’s us head off to Salzburgring, “Cant Wait ! Oops guess we will have to” Next week see’s us off to  tackling the Mountain again. Rear wheel drive and GT3. “see you there”.


    • You got that right , couldn’t help but get immersed in that race. No rest what so ever! and all different strategies came into play . Keep it up guys 👍😁

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