Active from 21/06/2018 – 05/07/2018

Only now – 50% discount on all individual cars and tracks and 25% discount on the Starter-, Pro- & Premium Packs!

Shop the RaceRoom Racing Experience store for officially licensed race cars, race tracks, game modes, and more

raceroom Essential packs

VRP and Discounts


  • What is vRP vRP stands for “Virtual Race Points”. It is the in-game currency in RaceRoom.
  • What are the conversion rates? This can change based on your preferred currency and the exchange rates. But in general 100 vRP is close to 1 Euro.


  • How do discounts work? There are different types of discounts that apply.
  • Regular discount as a result of the content being on a temporary sale.
  • Dynamic discount on pack price that automatically deducts the price of the content that you already own. This means you never pay twice for any car or track.
  • How do dynamic discounts work? Dynamic discounts are an automatic calculation comparing the content of a pack to the content you already own. If you already own parts of a pack, we exclude and deduct it from the pack price. The price you see for that pack on the store page is the result of that calculation. This is why pack prices are often not the same from one user to another.


  • How do I use a redeem code? While on the store page, click on your vRP balance on the top right menu. Select “Redeem Code” from the dropdown menu. Type/Paste the code and hit the Redeem Code button.


  • What are Packs? Packs are bundles of content that offer you a good deal, as they are always cheaper than if you were to buy all of its items individually.
  • What happens if I already own something in a pack? If you already own something in a pack, the dynamic discount system excludes the content from the price you pay, and makes it even cheaper. This happens automatically and you can see it by moving your mouse over the price tags on content in the store.
  • How many cars and tracks are in a pack? This differs from pack to pack, always check the pack description.
  • What are Essential Packs? Essential Packs are complete packages for players that don’t want to deal with buying individual content. With Starter Pack, Pro Pack and Premium Pack the player will get a collection of handpicked content that provide fun and a challenge for anyone.

While Starter and Pro pack contain content chosen by us, the Premium Pack contains everything available in the store at that given time. Please note that purchasing the Premium Pack does not mean you will get content released in the future for free.

The Starter Pack is perfectly suited for the new RaceRoom driver, you’ll be off to the races in seconds. The Pro pack is for the seasoned sim-racer who wants to partake in most popular races. The Premium pack is for you who want it ALL, the serious racer or collector. It’s a huge pack and also the best bang for the buck.

The Store & Steam

  • How does the Store work You purchase content by adding it to the cart until you are ready to check out. At the checkout you will get a summary of what the items you added cost along with added discounts. When you confirm the purchase you will be connected to Steam to begin the transaction process.
  • How does the Store work with Steam? RaceRoom is a Steam game and all monetary transactions are done through the Steam Wallet. Please keep in mind that the Steam Wallet has a minimum fund requirement. For example if you purchase an item that costs €1, Steam Wallet might require you to deposit €5 and you will have a remaining €4 in your Steam Wallet for future use.


  • Can I return items I purchased? No. All purchases are final and are not refundable.
  • What happens to my purchased items if I delete my account? All your owned content including any vRP you have left in your account will be gone upon deletion.
  • Can I use vRP in other Steam games? No. vRP is only used within RaceRoom.
  • I have a complaint regarding the store We live by our happy customers and we are always standing by to help you out. If you have issues or questions please submit a ticket on the helpdesk and we’ll get on your case.

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