Tuesday Thunder Wrap-Up

It was WTCC 2013, Honda versus Lada versus Seat versus Chevrolet versus BMW, driver versus driver at the Belgium race track called Zolder. We had sixteen drivers compete for the Tuesday Thunder race meet and with 15 finishing on the lead lap. The race lead changed more times than a radio station changes song in the same duration.

A warm welcome to the new and not so new but missed drivers on this night of great racing.

By Will PittengerOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link



Drivers rolled up to with their teams and quickly lay some rubber down on the track to identify the best race line. Car set-up was fixed, allowing all drivers to focus on their race craft and extracting the best times out of their chosen car.


Eleven out of the sixteen were able to register a qualifying lap. A notable mention to Brodie for voluntary choosing not qualifying and started from the back of the grid.

Position Driver Vehical Best Lap
1. Phillip Booth Honda Civic WTCC 1:36.280
2. Romeo Scarfó Honda Civic WTCC 1:36.503
3. Heath Cockram Chevrolet Cruze WTCC 1:37.243


The race started cleanly with the entire field getting around the first lap without incident. There may have been one or two off track excursions but very minor.

Remeo Scarfó lead the first four laps until he came to grief on the first chicane and handing it over to Heath Cockram with yours truly, Phillip Booth snapping at his feet for a few laps. I took the lead on lap 8 with Felix Kuperman moving very fast up the pack into second position by lap 9 from the back of the grid.

Michael King and Darrin Web were doing well against the regular contenders.

As usual, Tuesday Thunder race meet has a virtual safety car at mid race (15 minute mark). I was leading at this point and had the field bunch up again for a restart on the start/finish straight. A few of us on the restart ended up in the first corner sand trap and losing one or more places.

Felix lead the first few laps after the restart with Brodie Steen, keeping the pressure on. We had John Bradshaw and Remeo fighting it out for third position. Two into the first chicane was not going to end well and John fell back down into 13th, promoting Remeo into third on lap 13.

WTTC 2013 at Zolder June 2018

The final few laps we had Brodie in the lead and Felix fighting hard to regain the lead again. Both Remeo and I holding on to third and fourth respectively, trying to catch up with the two leaders. On the second last lap Remeo took the first chicane too wide causing him to run over the curbs and launching his car sideways and allowing me to pass him by into third.

The final lap had both Brodie and Felix fighting from the first chicane where Felix got beside Brodie and kept it there till the next chicane, eventually taking the lead. Felix went over the finish line in first position, closely followed by Brodie, and me in third. Race duration of just over 31 minutes. Brodie got the fastest race lap of 1:35.706.

Podium Results

Position Driver Vehical Best Lap Race Time
1. Felix Kuperman Honda Civic WTCC 1:36.661 30:23.374
2. Brodie Steen Lada Granta WTCC 1:35.706 30:23.507
3. Phillip Booth Honda Civic WTCC 1:36.388 30:25.810

Full race results can be viewed on RaceApp website.

Tuesday Thunder is regularly run each Tuesday night. All drivers are welcome to join us in this fun race. Participation and fun is the focus of the AUS/NZ Racing community. We encourage all drivers at any skill level to join. Make contact via our website contact page and we will guide you through in getting started in racing with AUS/NZ Racing.

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