Tuesday Thunder race meet on the 5 June, will be held at Falkenbergs Motorbana in the Formula RaceRoom 3 (FR3).

New and present members of Aus/NZ Racing community are welcome to join us.

Track: Falkenberg Motorbana

Car: Formula RaceRoom 3

Server: Aus-NZ Racing Tuesday Thunder

Start Time: 9.00pm New Zealand, 7.00pm AEST

Format: Practice: 25 mins, Qualifying: 5 mins, Race: 30 mins

Mode: Get real

Fuel Usage: Normal

Tyre Wear: Normal

Mandatory Cautions: @15 minutes

About the Formula RaceRoom 3

The FR3 is an open-wheel racing machine with highly efficient aerodynamics and incredibly high performance brakes resulting in very quick lap times. It sits in the middle of the Formula RaceRoom ladder and gives you the best of both sides.

You’ll need the precision and racecraft of the slower formula cars, and you get the adrenaline and excitement of the faster formula cars. It is the logical step up from the Tatuus F4 and it will prepare you to take on the F2 class.

All in all the FR3 is a pivotal car to master and a lot of fun to drive at the same time!

About Falkenberg Motorbana

Falkenbergs Motorbana is a motor racing circuit at Bergagård, Sweden. The circuit was opened in 1967, as a replacement for Skreabanan, and is currently owned and run by Falkenbergs Motorklubb. A chicane was added on the first corner in 2004 to improve safety on the relatively fast track. A round of the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship (formerly known as the Swedish Touring Car Championship) is held there each year. In addition there is a road racing event called Scandinavian Open run each year, endurance races, and a Classic motor event.1280px-falkenbergs_motorbana_28sweden29_track_map-svg

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