Released May 31st – Update

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    This is the last of our series of updates aimed at deploying cars for the various eras of the
    Mercedes‐AMG Motorsport eRacing Competition.

    Today’s update adds the remaining cars for the future rounds of this outstanding competition: the AMG-Mercedes CLK DTM 2003, the AMG-Mercedes C-Klasse DTM 2005 as well as a competition-only version of the Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM 2015.

    You can watch all the races on Mercedes-Benz’ YouTube channel :

    Round 1 : 

    Round 2 : 

    Round 3 : Race will take place this coming Sunday 3rd June !

    But it isn’t all! We’re also bringing some fixes for Direct Drive wheels and other controller types that were reported recently. Check this out:

    Update details:
    Client version =
    Client BuildID = 2821569
    Dedi version = 42.0.665
    Dedi BuildID = 2821571


    • FFB – No longer sends Jolt effects on extreme forces, which caused strong effects being felt when the car was bottoming out.
    • FFB – Fixed various reported issues with Direct Drive wheels
    • FFB – An issue was spotted with the effect creation for Fanatec devices. While this is being investigated on Fanatec side, a workaround has been introduced, solving the ffb loss, framerate and freezes issues reported when resetting FFB or loading multiple game sessions.
    • Input meter – Fixed an issue where the meter would render before a racing session started.
    • Fixed an issue where cockpit gauges would sometimes be showing wrong values when coming back from an instant replay (spotted in the Zakspeed Capri)


    • Mid-Ohio – Fixed a cut track detection when driving near the pitlane entrance in the last two turns.
    • Laguna Seca – Fixed wrong pitlane speed limit
    • Sepang – Fixed some minor texture flickering on the back of the pit building

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