Tuesday Thunder Wrap-Up

A large contention of drivers rolled up in their Audi TTs at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course for some very close racing. This was one of the first races this year where the Push-to-Pass (PTP) was featured.


The practice was a tell-tale sign that the preceding race was going to be very close from the front to the back of the grid. Sixteen drivers were warming up for a very close and exciting event.


The short qualifying time period put pressure on all to get onto the track and put a good lap together. This made it difficult with everyone wanting a clear track for setting a good qualifying time. Fifteen drivers were able to put down a valid qualifying lap, with the top 5 under one second of the pole setter, John B.


Drivers lined up on the grid, sweaty palms worrying about the first corner chaos and cold tyres making the car rear-end slide out. The start was a clean one, well, more than usual. First lap was without any incident, some panel rubbing but it was clean first lap in a very close field of cars.

Short distance into the race we lost a couple of cars to off-track excursions. The field got into a rhythm and few close packs were formed. Mid-way of the race the mandatory safety car came out. The field bunched up again and restart at the end of the back straight.

2018-05-23 1951 0011
Close and high speed action at Mid-Ohio

The strategy was tyre management and keep your PTP for the final six or more laps. The battle for second and third was heating up. With only a couple laps from the end of the race, second place (John B.) went wide prior to entry of the carousel, third place (Felix K.) followed with fourth (Phillip B.) and fifth (Dee S.)  all coming together.

Total of 12 out of 16 of the field crossed the finish line doing nineteen laps in just under 32 minutes. The win went to Brodie S. with just over 13 second lead. Fastest lap of the race goes to John B. with a very fast time of 1:31.817 on lap 2.

Podium Results

  1. Brodie S. – 1:32.186
  2. Felix K. – 1:32.503
  3. John B. – 1:31.817

Full race result can be viewed on the RaceApp website.

Well done to all for a very clean and close racing. Most left the circuit very happy to be involved in the AUS/NZ Racing Tuesday Thunder race meeting. Keep your eyes peeled for the race video and I look forward to see you all at next Tuesday’s Thunder.

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