Tuesday Thunder race meet on the 22 May, will be held at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course (Full) in the Audi TT Cup 2016.

New and present members of Aus/NZ Racing community are welcome to join us.

Track: Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course – Full

Car: Audi TT Cup 2016

Server:  Aus-NZ Racing Fun Run

Start Time:  9.00pm New Zealand, 7.00pm AEST

Format:   Practice: 20, Qualy: 5, Race: 25mins

Mode:   Get real

Fuel Usage:     Normal

Tyre Wear:      Normal

Mandatory Cautions: @15 minutes

About the Audi TT Cup 2016 Car

The Audi TT provides 340 horse-power (HP) with a car weight of just 1125 kg. The car features the Push-to-Pass function, giving you an extra 22 kW or 30 HP.

About Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

The track opened as a 15-turn, 2.4 mile (3.86 km) road circuit running clockwise direction. The back portion of the track allows speeds approaching 180 mph (290 km/h). A separate starting line is located on the backstretch to allow for safer rolling starts. The regular start/finish line is located on the pit straight.

The track has a mix of straights and undulating tight sections that make it a challenge to keep on the black hard stuff.

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