Tuesday Thunder Wrap-Up

The KTM X-Bow RR at Zhuhai circuit was full of action throughout the whole race field. Everyone had fun throwing this little car around and with close racing making it a more enjoyable time. And a warm welcome to our new drivers on the night.

Drivers got some practice laps in prior to qualifying. Only a hand full were able to put a valid qualifying lap in when only given a short time to qualify for the race.

Cars and drivers on the start line were all go in multiple directions towards turn one when the lights went green. The race was door handle to door handle racing, but the only problem is that the KTM don’t have doors.

There was our normal mandatory virtual safety car at the mid way point of the race. The field was bunched up again and the action came alive once more with tyre rubbing together to make up for lost places. Incidents were a plenty including myself, with my gear shift becoming dislodged and in the process of correcting it, I spun out of control and falling to the back of the field.

Congratulations to Grant P, John B, and Felix K for the podium finish.

Stay tuned for the full commentary video. Link will be shared in Discord and here on our site when it becomes available on the Aus/NZ Racing Youtube channel.

Bathurst 1000 Event

The Bathurst 1000 race is coming and for those that have registered, you can take a crack at the leader board shoot out. This will give you a chance to be awarded entries into the draw. Top three places will be awarded tickets.

Fixed Car Setup

To keep the race fair and balanced, the decision to hold the event using fixed car setup will be implemented.  This allows all drivers to focus on their driving and better track knowledge.

The event rules, information and links are all listed on the Bathurst 1000 event page.

ESR – Boss of the Beemers Championship

The BMW championship hosted by ESR concluded last weekend. There was some great racing across three divisions for the last two races.

Race One BMW M6

Race one saw BMW M6 (GT3) qualifying with all 21 cars spread just under five seconds. Our club member Grant P. finishing on the podium of second place with third place making him work hard for the finish.

Race Two BMW M4 DTM

Qualifying was even tighter than race 1 with the field spread just over four seconds. These cars are a hand full in the hands of inexperienced drivers with their Drag Reduction System (DRS).

Notable mentions, Both Grant P. (P4) and Felix K. (P6) finishing in the top ten.

Congratulations to all our AUS/NZ drivers in participating in a very competitive championship.

For full championship finale details, please visit the series page on RaceApp site.

You can watch the action via ESR Youtube channel.

New ESR Series

The next ESR series was opened on the weekend. It will be the Modern DTM of the Audi RS 5 DTM 2016, BMW M4 DTM 2016, and Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM 2016. So hurry on over to the ESR DTM event page as there are not many places left.

Radio Noise

Heard over the race radio “I prefer drag racing, driving fast down the road in women clothes”

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